Mir Zavodov company operates in the market of construction machinery more than 7 years.

Company profile:

Name: Mir Zavodov

Address: Russian Federation, Smolensk, Smolyaninova 15

Workforce: Up to 10 people Extra employees are called for one-off projects.

Language of communication: Russian, English, Swedish, Polish, Czech.

Official website: http://mirzavodov.ru

construction machinery

Up to now companies from Europe and the United States (Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, USA) successfully supplied equipment to its customers in Russia and Belarus.

Our support for these companies included all aspects ranging from quotation translations up to the final stage of commissioning.

We offer you to use our services now, when the economy in Russia has slowed down and competition in the market is close to zero.

When your competitors will only take first steps in developing the market and promote sales, invest in advertising and so on — your company will be already on the peak of fame, thanks to our work.

developing the market and promote sales

Our company is constantly developing and expanding the range of opportunities for Clients.

Please find our services for the year 2016. Prices for services could be requested by e-mail.

Our activities are carried out in several directions:


50 % of successful negotiations derives from the interpretation quality and information communication in the proper context.

Therefore, for technical negotiations we will provide our staff member having 20 years of experience and engineering education. For price negotiations we recommend to involve our female employee with confident legal, financial and customs knowledge.

translation all the documentation

Team of translators will provide accurate quality translation all the documentation into the Russian. We carry out translations of any volume and complexity.

Software and equipment Russian localization.

Software engineers.

Russian-speaking Internet users have their own peculiarities and therefore it should be taken into account while creating the website in the Russian domain zone.

We gained extensive experience in creating websites for foreign companies successfully working in the CIS.

Our programmers will help you to implement Russian language at the main official website, as well as tether page to the .ru domain zone.

Project managers work

If necessary, Mir Zavodov company is ready to offer you an individual specialist who will promote your products on the market of the CIS countries.

Manager will be fluent in English, will be held a short course on the specifics of your products and will do the job on the CIS market.

Technical services:

Mir Zavodov company is happy to offer our technical department services. We are ready to provide you:

  • Landline phone Number in major Russian cities, mapped to your company or to Mir Zavodov call-center.
  • Mobile phone number from any of the CIS countries with expenditure control and its constant replenishment.
  • Organization of video conferences for groups of several potential customers with the provision of an interpreter.
  • Creation and promotion of the group in social networks, widespread in CIS countries: VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.
  • Assistance in placing advertisements in Russian, keyword analysis for contextual advertising.
  • Placement of advertisements on the site mirzavodov.ru

Placement of your company's products on our website.

If your products are applied in concrete and precast industry we are ready to place your products on our website. We need the following info to place your products on our site: product description in Russian, unique product pictures, product video.

Representation organization.

It is the most difficult and expensive aspect for our customers from Europe. However, it is most effective one.

The essence of the proposal is that our company takes over the function of your regional representative or create an affiliation and trains personnel specifically for your equipment sales.

We can work as a Russian Office of your company:

  • meetings with Clients,
  • conducting primary negotiations,
  • represent your company at trade shows and conferences.
  • accompany Clients to the production companies for equipment inspection.
  • resolve maintenance problems.
  • ensure the communication between the Client and the company. 

Portfolio of our works can be requested by filling out the form on the website